Daniel and the Damsels

Forgive me if people have already been musing on this - I haven't had time to keep up with fandom lately. I just had some thoughts after Stargate last night, and I thought I'd through them in the mix.

First of all: Sqeeeeee!

While I love fanfic romance, I usually dislike too much ship on the show. Overt ship usually comes across as heavy-handed to me. Last night's ep seemed appropriate to the character arcs, though. I liked it.

I have to give the writers some credit for paying attention to Daniel's emotional arc. As an academic/intellectual, he's always tried to reason/argue his way out of various problems. However, this approach wasn't enough to save Shar'e, and it took him years to save Sarah. All along he's been working through a knight-in-shining-armor inferiority complex, where damsel after damsel slips through his fingers.

Last night's ep began with Daniel trying his darndest to make an emotional connection with Vala while parrying her superficial flirtation. This is a great barrier to put between them, and it's a believable set up for UST.

It must have been painful to see Cam commandeer the motorcycle - he almost got to be the champion instead.

But in the end, it's Daniel who gets Vala to remember. He has the deepest connection to her, and for once it proves to be enough to save the damsel. When he finally folds her into his arms, he holds on for dear life.

Also, did anyone else hear an echo of fanfic's biggest sex cliche when Daniel told Vala to come home? ROTFLMAO!

Ps. But could the lighting have been any *less* flattering? What's with Canadian TV production and the lack of soft lens lighting?

Woo Hoo!

Just when I'm trying to get away from LJ, something cool happens.

Claudia Black has signed on as a full time cast member for Season 10!

Behold, the Daniel/Vala USTy goodness!

There had better start being fic now.

Hmmm. Maybe I should get around to writing a fic.

I guess my only question is - what is the quest? Of course, the Orii are bad. They want us to worship them to suck out our life energy or something. (This gives a whole new meaning to Paradise Lost, by the way). But the thing that gave Stargate some underlying power, despite all the surface cheesiness, was the pull of watching particular character journeys. In a way, it's been one big recovery/redemption story, with all the major characters working through their various tragedies. I think this tragic aspect needs to be given a shot in the arm.

Plus, as much as it's fun to thing of D/V together, there should be tension with some wedge that drives them apart. Whatever it turns out to be, I'm looking forward to it!

Revenge Link!

Today I noticed someone new on my friends list, kahutia_terani, and discovered she had a big list of Daniel/Vala fic. I was briefly tempted to scavenge and update my list, but her list is long enough to deserve compiler-credit. So here's the link to her LJ:

I may update my list eventually. Still looking for help with The Pirate Lair, though!


This is just a note to self:
Update the Piratelair with LJ themes, icons, postsecrets, other Vala sites, etc.
Add these stories and check for more on Kahutia's list:

Tazmy - Old Friends -
Aelfgyfu - My Dinner with Vala -
Antares - Tit for Tat - (slash)

Still Trying to Shop Out The Pirate Lair

This is just my periodic plea for someone to take over The Pirate Lair. I really suck at keeping it up. I love Daniel/Vala but my first love as far as willingness to do web maintenance is concerned is my darkfic list. I feel like there should be a good Daniel/Vala resource, though, so I hope someone will eventually want to take on The Pirate Lair.

Also, I want to pimp my friend Amothea's panfandom comm for her angst_archive. She's open to both het and slash. I think it's a good community idea for people with an interest in consolidating the resources for certain types of fic (angst, dark, non-sap H/C, etc.). Some of the posts so far have been recs, meta, and a plot bunny. Anyway, so far it's a likable group. :-)

You Can Help Improve the Stargate Fan Awards

My apologies if this is a double post for anyone:

Your feedback can help improve the Awards for next year!

Important: You can fill out the survey even if you didn't participate in the Awards!

Here's the whole announcement:

Like last year, it's completely anonymous - we want you to be honest. Your opinions matter a great deal to the Team.

All of the questions in the survey are optional. If there's anything you're not interested in or would rather not say even anonymously, you can just skip that question. The survey should take no more than ten minutes to complete.

The survey will remain online until the end of November 2005, at which point the team will begin to analyse the results. The results will be published on the Awards site (as statistics and summary only) some time in 2006.

Of course, if you have feedback or suggestions you'd like to discuss with the Team, you're welcome to post here on our discussion list.


I deleted the dates from all the Daniel/Vala fic I have listed in this LJ's Memories. This means that if you sort by "Description", the stories will sort in alphabetical order by author. Please feel free to let me know if I'm missing anything.

I don't know what happened to Sdraevn/Danver's "Duck". I'm just going to leave the entry until I figure out whether this has been posted somewhere else. The Stargateficrec link is the same, so it doesn't work, either.

I have a couple of Vala stories that aren't on LJ, but they aren't Daniel/Vala. Therefore, I'm probably not going to update the Piratelair web site any time soon. Galaxybeyond offered to help me out with filing and posting icons there, but she seems to have vanished into the blackhole of school work. I'm probably going to give up on that all together. There are just too many icons out there. *sigh*

Some quick Stargate thoughts

First, Cameron finally got some character development! I believe TPTB was wise to introduce Cameron gradually and let people get used to him. Babylon was a "homage" to The Last Samurai, but I think it totally worked. At the beginning Cameron seemed to be trying to measure up to the team he idolizes by taking up the "six" role that usually goes to Teal'c. He was totally trying to prove himself. IMHO, he's developing as a wily Odysseus-type guy, as opposed to Jack's Battered Soldier guy. More importantly, I feel like I'm getting to know him.

Tasty drinks - lol. OK, that was a Crichton moment. :-)

Second, re: the Gateworld Crusade spoilers. Calm down, people! TPTB has a long, venerable record of yanking shipper chains. Vala's absence could have been a lull in D/V shipper activism - but TPTB cleverly gave them something to get in a tizzy about. Remember the Sam/Daniel kiss pic two years ago? This is the same thing - whipping up the shipper buzz. No matter what the story turns out to be, I'm sure Vala will return to our galaxy unattached. TPTB has an interest in keeping the D/V lanterns lit. :-)

Stargate Fan Favorite Marathon - I Cry Foul!

I just checked out the listings for the Stargate "fan favorite" marathon, and I was disappointed that none of my favorites were on it. Then a friend told me that the eps were listed on Tivo before the vote even closed! And I'd guess the eps would have had to have been posted a couple of weeks in advance for TV Guide, too. So this evening fans will be treated to TPTB's favorite eps.

There nothing I hate more than a fake vote intended to deceive people into thinking they are participating.